How to prepare 189 visa in Australia – 2

As of July 2023, the cost of the visa is From AUD 4,640.00 if you are single. If you have a partner and dependents in your visa the price will further go up. The trouble is, from this point you also have to pay for your migration agent as well to submit your documents. Their role is ensuring your application is well prepared for the case officers. But sometimes you need to prepare your own documents without their help. I would love to help you if you are in this case. 

How to prepare your visa supporting documents

You need to consider that the case managers are also a human-being. Sometimes, they can be confused if the documents are not clear enough to show your character and what you stated are not making sense, or maybe they could just started their job and not knowing particular clauses that they should know.

So, I made a table of contents for my application to ensure the case officer can understand fully about my application.

Firstly, as per the immigration website, I recommend you to clear your debt prior to submit your application.

I started from the website recommendation.

The first documents you need to prepare is your Identity documents. The immigration website writes as below;

Identity documents

Provide the pages of your current passport showing your photo, personal details, and passport issue and expiry dates.

Also provide:

  • a national identity card, if you have one
  • proof of change of name

Documents that prove a change of name include:

  • a marriage or divorce certificate
  • change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, or the relevant overseas authority
  • documents that show other names you have been known by


After reading the websites I prepared these Identity documents below;

1.Biographical page of the current passport

2. Biographical page of the previous passport

3. Birth certification from (my country) – NATTI Translated

4. Certificate of Family Relations from (mycountry) – NATTI Translated

You can add more documents to prove yourself that you have been using the same name, but I felt this was enough for me to prove myself as I have never been changing my name before. All the documents I had have the same name on each document.

and this is the table of contents I created for my application for identity part;


and below were my documents list;

I added my initial at the end. As you look into the name of the files, they are just like the table of contents I created. 0_PR application doc list and explaination – contains all the table of contents and list of the files and explanations.

By creating table of contents and explanation PDF, you can deliver clear, simple, intuitive message to your case officer!

Next time, I will come back with how I made the rest of the table of contents and How I prepared my documents! Stay tuned!

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